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Transit II
Madre Museum, Naples, Italy
PiST Interdisciplinary Artists Space,
Istanbul, Turkey
July 2 – September 2, 2009

Osman Bozkurt, Didem Özbek, Danilo Correale

Curators: Pelin Uran, Adriana Rispoli, Eugenio Viola

TRANSITS 2 investigates one of the defining issues of today such as amnesia in relation to the recent past and the movement of the immigrant, which according to Homi Bhabba changes the history of a nation. By concentrating on the forgotten history of a small district called Pangalti in Istanbul, Didem Ozbek & Osman Bozkurt implicitly resurrect the presence of the Italian / European community once visible within the Ottoman Empire and early Republic of Turkey. Danilo Correale, on the other hand, has concentrated his research on the production in Istanbul of handcrafted cymbals which were manufactured by Armenian artisans since the Ottoman Empire.

Photos by Osman Bozkurt

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