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We do not know this to be so
Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey
May-June, 2018

Oreet Ashery, The Propeller Group, Barbad Golshiri, Alejandro Cesarco, Joanna Rajkowska


Can death be understood and accepted on a conscious level or, as Freud says, does no one believe in his own death?  How many deaths are necessary for this acceptance? How can the wound of death, having encountered death and, by extension, recalling our own death and mortality be healed? Is what we face in the death of a beloved our own death or the recognition of the fact that we are not yet dead? Can life be born by looking at death? All these questions are problems the exhibition finds worth reflecting upon. The exhibition thus includes works by artists who read life over opposite concepts and recognize that death not only means loss, separation, mourning, but is also a blessing of life and are thus not afraid of paradoxes and looking death in the face.

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