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this story is not ready for it's footnotes
20 May – 16 September 2010
Ex Elettrofonico, Roma, Italy

Curators: Camilla Pignatti Morano and Pelin Uran

Rosella Biscotti, Danilo Correale, Ali Kazma,
Hiwa K., Bettina Wind & Alexandrea Ferraire, Nicoline van Harskamp, Pia Ronike, Joanne Richardson, Sharon Haynes,  Giorgio Andreotta Calo,  ha za vu zu, Asli sungu, Jakup Ferri, Christelle Lhereux

The exhibition THIS STORY IS NOT READY FOR ITS FOOTNOTES in its three episodes is a reflection and a remark on modern society. The first episode deals with dark matter. Artists included in this episode analyze issues that have been undermined in modern and rational society such as misunderstandings, not-knowing, the surreal, the absurd, the discontents of the individual as shared spaces on which to base the dialogue. The second episode of THIS STORY IS NOT READY FOR ITS FOOTNOTES foregrounds the potential of the fictional works as a tool for criticizing social and political life as opposed to conventional and oversaturated view of reality and information. The third episode concentrates on the discontents of modernity by taking man’s relation to architecture, nature, industrialization and man’s frantic need to keep things in order. Removed from direct critique, the works selected use humor, imagination, fiction and play to confront the problems of modernity.
The exhibition draws attention to the processes of mediation and the discursivity of images while disconnecting the normal links to reality. The artists succeed in creating a kind of fissure, a rupture that locates viewers between memory and anticipation, opening a free-association. 

Photos by Ex Elettrofonico

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