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Loop Alternative Space
Seoul, Korea
January 8 – 28, 2009

Asli Cavusoglu, Banu Cennetoglu, Isil Egrikavuk, ha za vu zu, Emre Huner, Ali Kazma, Asli Sungu

 If an exhibition is set up with artists who do live in and/or come from the same country, how can it suspend and defer the recognizing act? endgame aims to suspend the recognizing act by freeing itself from a theme; the show opens itself to chance situations since the works do not constitute a unified context by belonging to the same nation. The spectator will wait in vain for the parts to form a whole, for the single moments to constitute a unified and meaningful context, a coherent connectedness of life. The small steps and details will have more meaning than the totality; mistakes and accidents will cause unforeseen moves by juxtaposing works consisting of unplanned or physically incomplete structural units with works that are more structured.

Photos by Loop Alternative Space

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